See previews of our new work at The Post Family's Comfort Station residency

At 7pm on March 12, Kartemquin filmmakers will show clips of new films and invite discussion with the audience as part of The Post Family's curatorial residency at Comfort Station, a multi-disciplinary art space situated in in the heart of Logan Square, Chicago. The audience at this free event will be able to see sneak peeks and discuss these new films - all yet to premiere in Chicago - with the filmmakers and Kartemquin's executive director Justine Nagan and director of communications and distribution Tim Horsburgh. The featured films are: Almost There, presented by co-director Dan Rybicky. The Homestretch, presented by editor Leslie Simmer. Continued

The Trials of Muhammad Ali nominated for FOCAL International Award

The Trials of Muhammad Ali has been nominated for the Best Use of Sports Footage at the FOCAL International Awards. The FOCAL (Federation of Commercial Audio Visual Libraries) International awards are "the leading and most complete set of awards for the archive footage business in the world today." The 11th annual awards ceremony takes place in London on April 20th 2014. Realscreen covered the announcement. Continued

4 years later, Prisoner of Her Past still going strong

Since its release in 2010, Prisoner of Her Past continues to engage communities across the country. To date, the film has been broadcast more than 510 times in 140 markets across the U.S. As Howard Reich writes in a new update, "It all began as a Chicago Tribune article in 2003, evolved into a book in 2006 and became a documentary film in 2010 – and the story shows no signs of slowing down. The audience only seems to grow." Continued

Help us change how people view youth homelessness

After four years of intense work, The Homestretch is finally nearing completion. As they get ready to release the film, co-directors/producers Anne de Mare and Kirsten Kelly are simultaneously launching the first steps of a major audience engagement strategy for their film about homeless teens in Chicago: please help them do it! The Homestretch tells the story of three homeless teenagers who brave Chicago winters, the pressures of high school, and life alone on the streets to build a brighter future. Against all odds, these kids defy stereotypes as they create new, surprising definitions of home. Can they recover from the traumas of abandonment and homelessness and build the future they dream of? Continued

We Support Public Access TV in Chicago

Over thirty years ago Kartemquin Founder and Artistic Director Gordon Quinn participated in the community struggle to establish a public access television in Chicago. The result was the creation of Chicago Access Corporation and CAN TV and Gordon served on the 1st board. Today, as cable franchise renewals nationwide move towards defunding or eliminating public access television, he continues to advocate for access as part of the Committee for Media Access (CMA). Currently the City of Chicago is in negotiations with Comcast, the city’s and nation’s largest cable provider, for a ten-year franchise renewal. With CMA, Gordon will be attending meetings with the cable commissioner and encouraging Kartemquin interns and staff to show up at city council meetings to show support for CAN TV. Continued

Watch The Trials of Muhammad Ali to mark 50 years of The Greatest

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Clay v Liston, one of the most famous sporting events in history, after which Cassius Clay claimed the heavyweight title, and then further "shook up the world" by announcing that he was a member of the Nation of Islam and would change his name to Muhammad Ali. These events - and the public outcry and legal battle Ali had to contend with for many years to follow - form the core of our award-winning film The Trials of Muhammad Ali. To mark the occasion, we invite you to watch the opening of the film: Continued

Get advice on crowdfunding and interactive storytelling from KTQ filmmakers and staff

Chicago Filmmakers is offering three free workshops this March featuring "local industry leaders in association with the 2014 Chicago Digital Media Production Fund." A bevy of Kartemquin staff, producers and KTQ Labs graduates will be offering advice at the sessions. Check out the details, presenters and featured films below: NET VIRALITY: Getting It Seen Sunday, March 2nd // 11AM - 2PM Continued