News for September 2012

Remembering Call Richmond

All of us at Kartemquin are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Call Richmond, who was featured in the KTQ Labs documentary A Sister's Call.   When we were first approached by the film's producers Rebecca Schaper and Kyle Tekiela, Call's amazing story inspired us, and we were delighted to be able to offer them editorial assistance and ongoing outreach assistance.    Since completion in early 2012, A Sister’s Call has screened in over 10 international film festivals, with more still to come. The film received the ‘Special Jury Prize for Best Documentary’ at the Arizona International Film Festival, and also won both ‘Best Picture’ as well as ‘Best Director’ at the annual DocUtah film festival. Continued

Steve James to direct Roger Ebert documentary

Steve James will direct a documentary based on the life of Roger Ebert, to be executive produced by Steven Zaillian and Martin Scorsese. As you can imagine, we at Kartemquin are delighted to announce this new production; as was Roger Ebert today on Twitter. Ebert also told Matt Singer at IndieWIRE: "I believe Steve James' Hoop Dreams is one of the greatest documentaries ever made, and my hopes for this [new documentary] are high." Continued

CeaseFire is now Cure Violence

CeaseFire, the Chicago organization profiled in the award-winning Kartemquin documentary The Interrupters, will now be known as Cure Violence. A new blog post and video from founder and executive director Gary Slutkin explain the re-branding as part of an effort to create "a movement of people who understand violence is a disease." You can find more information at The move reflects the increased global focus of the organization and wider acceptance of their strategy for treating violence as a disease, something which the success of The Interrupters has helped spread. Read more about the film's impact so far. Continued

See Muhammad Ali at Chicago Humanities Fest

Tickets are now available for the Chicago Humanities Festival special preview of The Trials of Muhammad Ali on Saturday November 10th. Get tickets here. The event will take place at Harold Washington Library from 10am - 11am. Exclusive clips will be premiered by director/producer Bill Siegel (The Weather Underground) and producer Rachel Pikelny (A Good Man), who will be in discussion with Laura Washington of the Chicago Sun-Times. Continued

Internet Archive offers transformative tool for docmakers

A resource has launched that could transform documentary filmmaking: an expansive collection of broadcast TV news, hosted by the Internet Archive. One of the early beta testers of the new service was Kartemquin Producer Emily Hart (she was responsible for archival research on At the Death House Door and The Interrupters, among other projects). In May 2012, Emily met with other experimental collaborators at the Internet Archive in San Francisco. Below, Emily offers her thoughts on why this could be an invaluable tool for documentary filmmakers and other journalists, researchers, scholars and anyone with an interest in media, and how producers can best take advantage of its features. Continued