News for May 2009

Gordon goes to Canada

This week Kartemquin's Artistic Director Gordon Quinn traveled to Montreal to participate in several days of informational presentations with the National Film Board of Canada. Gordon was invited to talk about Kartemquin’s innovative nonprofit model, filmmaking practice, and outreach programs. He also was interviewed for an upcoming article in POV Magazine, a Canadian publication on the art and business of documentary. Kartemquin is looking forward to continuing our on-going relationship with our filmmaking neighbors to the north. Continued

Mr. Quinn and Morrissette go to Washington

Next week Gordon Quinn and Jim Morrissette will continue Kartemquin’s long-fought battle for Fair Use, testifying in the Library of Congress Copyright Office. The hearings are part of the triennial rule-making process in which exemptions from the Digital Millenium Copyright Act are granted. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 prohibits the circumvention of technological protection measures, including the encryption technology on DVDs.  Because of this prohibition, many documentary filmmakers who want to make fair use of material, or use public domain material, cannot do so because they can only obtain that material from DVDs--but they are concerned about whether circumventing this technology is illegal.     Continued

Kartemquin filmmakers featured at area career days

On Friday, Editorial Director Leslie Simmer spoke at Friedrich Jahn World Language School's career day. Jahn is a magnet school for grades K-8. Leslie had a great time engaging with 2nd-7th graders and telling them about what it's like to make documentaries about regular people. Although some of the students were disappointed that we don't work with Johnny Depp, they asked great questions and some of them already knew what a boom mic was. Impressive! Then on Saturday, Executive Director Justine Nagan was featured panelist at University of Chicago’s Arts&Culture Day. She spoke to students about pursuing careers in Arts Administration, Education & Production. Continued