Take Part in '63 Boycott

Did you or someone you know participate in the 1963 Chicago School Boycott? We filmed the boycott in 1963 and are searching for participants in this historic event who are interested in sharing their stories for possible inclusion in the '63 Boycott film now in production.

'63 Boycott will feature previously unreleased 16mm footage of the event, along with then and now interviews with organizers and demonstrators who took to the streets of Chicago on October 22, 1963, (AKA "Freedom Day") protesting the segregationist policies of CPS Superintendent Benjamin Willis in one of the biggest mass civil rights protests in the city's history. 63 Boycott and its companion website will provide a modern perspective on the impact and legacy of this forgotten history 50 years later, reconnecting the participants to each other and the event itself.

Please contact 63boycott@kartemquin.com for more information. Watch the video below for a small sample of some of the incredible footage we have, courtesy of Kartemquin's Artistic Director and co-founder Gordon Quinn, who was just 21 at the time of filming. This video was originally made for the Chicago History Museum's "Facing Freedom" exhibit on the march, and was edited by Matt Lauterbach, who will also be principal editor on '63 Boycott. We are also still seeking funding for this transmedia documentary project.