Taking Action: PBS Needs Independents

EDIT: March 23. PBS has declared that they will now be reconsidering the scheduling of these series, due in large part to the pressure exerted by your advocacy. However, if you would like to add your signature we will still accept them. Thank you - Kartemquin.

The following is an open letter to PBS. We encourage all independent filmmakers and fans of public media to join us as signatories by commenting below, or emailing us at PBSNeedsIndies@kartemquin.com, or tweet #PBSNeedsIndies to us on Twitter.

Kartemquin has a long history of supporting public broadcasting, and we feel we must again rise to the challenge in raising our concern, and hopefully awareness and action, over the issues below.

As independent filmmakers, as participants in the evolution of public broadcasting, as viewers and as citizens, we protest PBS’ decision to move the two premier strands of independent documentaries, Independent Lens and POV, from their established home on Tuesday nights to Thursday, a night on which local stations program locally-selected material.

We saw the change in the programming to Thursday night and were concerned about the effect it would have on the ratings. As filmmakers, we are acutely aware of the importance of program placement in a broadcast schedule. With the publishing of the March 12, 2012 article by Dru Sefton in Current magazine, we have now seen documented the dramatic effects of this shift, and that our fears were realized.  We cannot wait any longer to signal our concern.

PBS’s programming decision has, effectively, moved these two award-winning series off the main schedule, by leaving it up to stations to program them on their own, on perhaps the most competitive night of the TV week. Both series have carved out a trusted relationship with audiences on Tuesday nights. PBS’ John Wilson has acknowledged that Thursday, a local-programming night, is a “no-fly zone” for PBS programs. Asking stations to drop programming among the most popular with their members is unreasonable.

Public television is not just a popularity contest, or a ratings game. Taxpayers support public broadcasting because democracy needs more than commercial media’s business models can provide.  PBS’ programming decision makes a statement about PBS’ commitment to the mission of public broadcasting.  We note the definition in the recently-revised and reissued Code of Editorial Integrity for Local Public Media Organizations:

“Our purposes are to support a strong civil society, increase cultural access and knowledge, extend public education, and strengthen community life through electronic media and related community activities.”

These are the stations that PBS serves.  These are the stations that are well-served by well-crafted, well-told stories about underrepresented topics, meeting needs of underserved audiences in innovative ways. These are the stations that benefit from community activities related to the strands, such as ITVS’s Community Cinema and LINCS programs. These are the stations that benefit from IL and POV’s constant technological innovation and experiment in engagement. And these are the stations that need to cultivate younger and more diverse audiences, the kind that can be attracted by the innovative, diverse films in these series.

Films such as Where Soldiers Come From, Heather Courtney’s film about Michigan reservists’ journey to Iraq and back; Chris Paine’s Revenge of the Electric Car, about a crucial energy issue; Daisy Bates: First Lady of Little Rock, which revives the memory of the civil rights activist, and was directed by Sharon La Cruise; and Connie Field’s Have You Heard from Johannesburg?, about the history of apartheid, serve important functions at a local and national level, reaching underserved audiences, providing both perspectives and information unavailable in the marketplace, and doing so with expert craft.  They serve a critical function in the public broadcasting ecology. They serve the democratic mission of public broadcasting.

We recognize the importance of public broadcasting. We have been able to reach national audiences with significant work, and we have seen meaningful democratic engagement as a result. For instance, when In the Family showed on POV, with a multiplatform campaign, legislation was pending on genetic non-discrimination. The broadcast fostered productive conversations across the nation about the consequences of that discrimination in people’s lives. The showing of Lioness on Independent Lens fostered a broad public discussion of the rights of women veterans who had experienced combat, and was instrumental in the passage of legislation, named for the film, winning these veterans the right to Veterans Administration benefits. The showing of Farmingville on POV fostered deeper, more complex and thoughtful public discussions, both online and in person, on the effect of immigration on local communities. We are deeply concerned that PBS’ poorly-considered decision could jeopardize both the meeting of public broadcasting’s mission and also stifle the innovation that is crucial to the future of public broadcasting.

Signed by:

A.B. Peters
A.G. Nigrin (Rutgers University)
Aaron G. Woolf (Mosaic Films Inc.)
Aaron Matthews (AaronMatthews.com)
Abina Manning (School of the Art Institute of Chicago)
Adam Hyman (Okapi Films)
Adam Rabiner
Adora Wilson-Eye
Adrian Arnold
Alan Kilgore
Alana Timora
Alan Adelson (Films for Humanity)
Alan Cormack
Alan Rogers
Albert Jacobson
Alejandrina Fernandez
Alex Gibney (Jigsaw Productions)
Alex Youngen Ali Pomeroy (Lumiere Productions)
Alexandra Thayer
Alice Winfree Bowron
Alitza Blough
Allen Haydon
Allen Mondell
Allen Olson
Allison Ferdinand
Allie LeCaux
Ancel Kerr
Alvin H. Perlmutter (Independent Production Fund)
Al Rogat
Al Wasser
Alfa-Betty Olsen
Alyssa W.
Amy J Boyd
Amy Bretz
Amy McDonald Burgess
Andrea Mills
Andrea Presson
Andrew Crawford
Andrew Garrison
Andrew Gersh
Andrew Peterson
Andrew Syversen
Anita Holsapple (Gizzy Bear Productions)
Anita Madsen
Anita J. Malinski
Anne Makepeace (Makepeace Productions)
Ann Parkes
Anne Zeiser
Ann Marie Mitchell
Ann Scott
Anne Burdakin
Anne Hill
Anne Scarbrough
Annie Roney (Ro*Co Films International)
Anthony Bérubé (Productions Anthony Berube Inc.)
Antonio Semeco
Anuradha Rana
Aphrodite Harris
Ardeth L. Weed
Art Citron
Arthur Milholland
Ashley Sabin (Carnivaleque Films)
B. Ray
Banker White
Barbara E. Dua
Barbara Bowen
Barbara Bullas
Barbara Haynes
Barbara Kinchen
Barbara Kopple (Cabin Creek Films)
Barbara Rick (Out of the Blue Films)
Barbara Thorpe
B. Ruby Rich (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Barry Downes
Bari Pearlman (BTG Productions)
Bart Weiss (Dallas Video Fest)
Beatrice Nava
Bella Jhunjhunwala
Ben Daviss
Ben Lappin
Benny Cespedes
Bernard Gitlin
Bernardo Ruiz (Quiet Pictures)
Beth Levison (Dandelion Films, Inc)
Bethany W. George
Betty Bastidas Beverly Seckinger (New Day Films)
Betty OHara
Beverly Crawford
Beverly J. Braunlich
Bill Gannon
Bill Moyers & Michael Winship (Public Affairs Television)
Bill and Sharon Lynch
Bill Hibbard
Bill Lichtenstein
Bill Kavanagh (Kavanagh Productions)
Bill Siegel
Bill Selman
Bill Tanner
B.J. Walters
Bob Hercules (Media Process Group)
Bob Pfeifer
Bob Kinney
Bob Van Keuren
Bonnie T. Summers
Brad Lichtenstein (371 Productions)
Bradford Bryce
Brenda Berck
Brenda Brody
Brenda Logan
Brent and Carol Boykin-Hicks
Brett McNeil
Brian Byrne
Brian Calvin
Brian Gebbia
Brian Gordon
Brian Wengrofsky
Brigid Maher (Veiled Voices)
Brent Morris (Indieproduction)
Bruce Allardice
Bruce Lott
Bryan Wright
Burke Townsend
Byron Hurt (God Bless the Child Productions)
C. Nordstrom
Cal Skaggs (Lumiere Productions)
Cara Pilson
Carlos Aguilar
Carlos Avila (Echo Park Films)
Carlos Sandoval (Camino Bluff)
Carl Dimitri
Carl Griesser
Carla Baron
Carlton Sagara
Carol B. Williams
Carole Lucia Satrina
Carole Recore
Carol Barclay
Carol Bash (Paradox Films)
Carol Cornsilk (Adanvdo Vision)
Carol Fairbrother
Carol Jean Gicinto
Carol Olwell
Carol Politis
Carol Teicher
Carol Vernallis
Carolyn Knoll
Carroll Heins
Carroll Long
Caroline Fisher
Carrie Love
Cate Anderson
Catherine Ellsworth
Catherine Kirkland
Catherine Mullaugh
Catherine Ridley
Catherine Tambini (Camino Bluff)
Celeste T. Kearney
Charlene and Jonathan Morse
Charlie Goedken
Charles Browne
Charles D. Brown
Charles Nichols
Charlotte Lagarde (Swell Cinema)
Charysse Tia Harper
Cheree Dillon
Chiquita Eubanks
Chuck Workman
Churchill Roberts (University of Florida)
Craig Roberts
Chris Bentley (Chris Bentley)
Chris Crane
Chris Hegedus (Pennebaker Hegedus Films)
Christina Kraemer
Christine Paurus
Christopher White (Reveal Productions)
Christopher Carson (Reverie Productions)
Chris Grimes (5414 Productions)
Chris Newberry (Free Country Media)
Chris Schmidt
Christine Turner (Christine Turner)
Christy Hargesheimer
Clayton Brown (137 Films)
Chuck Braverman (Braverman Productions) Chyung Sun
Chuck Hudan
Chuck Van Wey
Cinda Flynn
C.L. Ibes
Constance Mortell
Craig Saddlemire (Round Point Movies)
Colleen O'Brien Clopton
Connie Field (Clarity Films)
Connie Moore
Cris Bailey
Curtis John Lund
Curtis Miller
Cynthia E. Lyle
Cynthia Evans
Cynthia LaBlue
Cynthia Luster
Cynthia Mondell
Cyrille Phipps
D.A. Pennebaker (Pennebaker Hegedus Films)
D. Frank Culbertson
D. Gagne
Dan Childers (The Papp Project)
Dan Russell
Dan Satorius (Satorius Law Firm, PLLC)
Dana Briggs
Danielle Beverly (Petunia Productions)
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Daria Price
Darrell Greco
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Dave Dillman
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Dave Moulton
Dave Mullen
David Bodenberg
David Cassidy (Cabin Creek Films)
David Christie
David Demonte
David DeRosa
David Donnenfield (Filmmakers Collaborative SF)
David E. Simpson (Kartemquin Films)
David Graper
David Gregory
David Grubin (David Grubin)
David Handelman
David Hellmann
David L. Wilkins
David Mahoney
David Orr
David O. Weissman
David R. Weissman
David Sheppard
David Shever
David Smith
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David Tabachnick
David Van Taylor (Lumiere Productions)
Dawn Fried
Dawn Smallman
Dawn Walker
Dean Hamer
Deanne Heitkamp
Deborah Dickson (Blackbird Films)
Deborah Linkowski
Dee Ann Royce
DeeDee Halleck
Dee Legvold
Deena Rosen
Denise Dean
Dennis Sutton
Denton McCullough
Debra Zimmerman (Women Make Movies)
Deborah Kaufman (Snitow-Kaufman Productions)
Devan Colley
Diana Holtzberg (Films Tranit International, Inc.)
Diane Blaize
Diane Curlette
Diane Estelle Vicari
Diane Gulbranson
Diane Melloy
Diane Pekarcik
Diana R
Diane Sylvester
Diane A. Wood
Dolores Longo
Don Argott (9.14 Pictures)
Don Bay
Don Cole
Don Fogg
Don West
Donald Goldmacher
Donna Hagens
Donna Nelson
Donna Terrence
Donnie L. Betts
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Doug Block
Doug Blush (Mad Pix, Inc)
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Elizabeth Sempadian
Elizabeth Westrate (Five Spot Films LLC)
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Emily Patterson
Emmy Scharlatt
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Gail Griffith
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Russell Martin (Say Yes Quickly Productions)
Ruth Bailey
Ruth Leitman (Ruthless Films)
Ruthie Sakheim
S. Brasseux
S. C. Sheola
S. Gluck
S. Newell
Sally Boyson
Sally Rubin (Chapman University)
Samuel Gerace
Sandi DuBowski (Films That Change the World)
Sandra Dickson
Sandra Haddock
Sandra Itkoff (Reveal Productions)
Sandra Milliner
Sandra Ruch (Cinema Elixir)
Sara Berliner
Sara Booth
Sara Olsen
Sarah M.
Sarah McUmber-House
Sarah Woodside Gallagher
Sasha Futran
Schuyler Gould
Sean Welch
Selma B Milchen
Shanita Lawrence
Shari Robertson (The Epidavros Project & Epidoko Films)
Sharon and Bill Benge
Sharon La Cruise (Sakkara Films)
Sharon Lennon
Sharon R. Weinblatt
Shawn Mathew
Sheena Joyce (9.14 Pictures)
Sheila Hogg
Sheila Parks
Sheldan Collins
Shelley Stallings
Sherie Day
Shirley Siluk
Sian Evans
Sid Kivanoski
Sky Sitney
Stacia Simmons
Stanley Nelson (Firelight Media)
Stella Townsend
Stephanie Black
Stephanie Cunningham
Stephanie Mortenson
Stephanie Wall
Stephanie Wang-Breal
Stephen Margulis
Stephen Most
Stephen Nielsen
Steve Brand (Praying With My Legs)
Steve Boagarts
Steve Golden
Steve James (Kartemquin Films)
Steve K. Waldron
Steve Mendelsohn (Arts Engine)
Steve Pringle
Steven Ascher (West City Films)
Steven Bognar
Steven Lippman
Steven Walsh
Steve Turner
Steve York
Stu Levy (TokyoPop)
Stuart Simon
Su Friedrich
Sue Duffy
Susan Griffiths
Susan Hodnot
Susan Kim
Susan MacDonald
Susan Mumpower-Spriggs
Susan Tran
Susan Suntree
Susanna Styron
Susanne Mason (Passage Productions)
Susanne Twight-Alexander
Susan Richardson
Susan Robinson
Susan Rutherford (DEAF Media)
Susan Squires
Susie Caragol
Susie Czarnecki
Susi Walsh
Suzan Lastovica
Suzanne Farwell
Suzanne Gentling
Suzanne Verderber
Suzy Valentine
Swati Srivastava
Sylvia Diss
T. Bass
Tammie McCrary
Tammy Cromer-Campbell (Tammy Cromer-Campbell)
Ted Morgan
Teddy Roe
Teri Melof
Theodore James (Theodore James Productions)
Theodore Radamaker
Thomas Basile
Thomas O'Brien
Thomas Washburn
Tiffany Stauffer
Tim Horsburgh (Kartemquin Films)
Tim shea
Tina DiFeliciantonio
Tod Lending
Tom Ackerson
Tom Boschert
Tom Caine
Tom Canton
Tom Fontana
Tom Knoff
Tom Harman
Tommy Heffron
Tom McKenna
Tom Miles
Tom Robischon
Tom Weinberg (Media Burn)
Tom White (Documentary.org)
Tom Wilson
Toni Moore
Tracie Holder (The Papp Project)
Tracey Scott Wilson
Tracy S. Troth
Tray Semmy
Tristan Creeley
Trudy Brown
Tucker Robbins
Urania Messing
V. Hernandez
Valerie C. Rhodes (Carbo Films)
Valerie Van Isler
Valerie Solomon
Valerie Vallarta
Van Waggoner
VennieEline White
Veronica L. Feinstein
Vic Anderson
Vickie Marton
Vicky James
Vicky Vallarta
Victor Stuhl
Victoria Light
Video Production San Diego
Virginia Carlson
Virginia Carlisle
Virginia Kassel
Virginia Rigney
Vito Greco
Vivian Price
Walter Fox
Wayne Borean
Wayne Johnson
Wendy Levy
Whitney Dow
Will Spires
William D. Livergood
William Earley
William Lex
W. Michael Slattery
Wm e bailey
William Nichols
William Rasmussen
William Segen
William Solomon
William Thomas
William Wade
Wyndham Boulter
Xan Parker
Yoav Potash
Yofi Dzidzienyo
Yon Wacker
Zach Niles (SodaSoap Creative)
Zak Piper (Kartemquin Films)
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