"Leaner and meaner" Interrupters premieres in Dallas

The Interrupters continued its impressive festival run Saturday with another sold out screening at the Cleveland Film Festival. Interrupters Cobe Williams and Rodney “Hot Rod” Phillips did a road trip with Co-producer Zak Piper, where they joined Producer Alex Kotlowitz on stage after the screening to answer questions following another standing ovation. Cobe reports that one viewer saw the movie twice in Cleveland. He brought his wife back the second time!

Zak Piper also reports that while in Cleveland the crew bumped into Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, who later gave an endorsement of the film and Ceasefire on his twitter feed.
The Cleveland screening was the last for the 164 minute version of the film.  With a theatrical release coming this summer, the filmmakers have trimmed and tightened the film to a svelte 144 minutes (no sarcastic jokes please!). Producer-Director Steve James said of the new cut, “We feel like this is the same film, just ‘leaner and meaner.’ Very few scenes went away in the process, and we feel it now plays better than ever.”  Steve will unveil the new cut at the Dallas Film Festival this coming weekend, where he will also be the first documentary filmmaker ever to accept the Dallas Star award from the festival.
Check out all the upcoming screenings here. Also, here's a round-up of some recent mentions of the film:
- An interview with Steve for SHOOT, in which Steve explains: "We weren't trying to make a reality TV show with constant conflict and mediation. We wanted the film to dig deeper."
- A profile in the Dallas Pegasus News, quoting Steve again: “My motivation for the film was to sort of slap people in the face about this problem; and get people to think about it again anew and want to do something about it. I wanted them to see that it is possible to change it.”
- Excellent coverage of the film's showing at True/False in Chicago's Mindful Metropolis, including interviews with the interrupters and Steve and Alex, stating that the filmmakers have "created something that cannot be ignored."
- An enthusiastic World of Cinema podcast review from Cleveland Film Fest.
- A quick mention in Filmmaker Magazine that the film is "stunning... every second of its 162-minute running time is riveting."