For Funders

Beyond producing and distributing social issue documentaries, Kartemquin works to promote, nurture and protect independent media and the field of documentary in general. We welcome any support funders can offer in assisting our work in the following program areas:

KTQ Labs

KTQ Labs gives independent filmmakers opportunities to show in-progress work while they tackle the often-difficult creative process of editing. The screenings give filmmakers a place to receive crucial outside feedback from professionals among the Kartemquin community on content, story and editing, as well as ideas for funding, outreach, marketing and distribution. This free program, now in its 6th year, has helped over 60 projects progress towards completion.

Once a month we gather members of the Kartemquin community together for these critiques and discussions. Independent filmmakers bring their documentary pieces - whether a short fundraising demo or a feature-length rough cut - for feedback from our experienced group of filmmakers. This free program has helped over 40 projects progress towards completion, some which have gone on to screen at festivals such as SXSW, Hot Docs, and True/False, with others airing on PBS Independent Lens and the Sundance Channel. Notable titles include Louder Than A Bomb; What’s the Matter With Kansas?; Garbage: The Revolution Starts at Home; The Atom Smashers; World’s Largest.

While we offer more formal paid consulting for filmmakers who want a structured ongoing relationship, we believe in the importance of keeping the KTQ labs program free for those filmmakers struggling to stretch budgets and make ends meet. With each screening we bring together a mix of diverse voices creating a deep and worthwhile experience for the participants, both those receiving feedback and those offering it. The response for this program from both emerging and veteran filmmakers is that this is one of the most valuable filmmaker community resources in the region, thus creating a high demand and what is often a four-month waiting list.

In the first quarter of 2012 we partnered with the Gene Siskel Film center and hosted our first truly public KTQ Labs called the Spring Showcase. We presented four in-progress works with filmmaker and audience discussions. The event sold out and was a great success. We will plan to host this event annually to give the public further

We would like to offer increased services for filmmakers and to attendees by formalizing the application process and extra post-screening resources. By 2013, we hope continue to allow for a greater diversity of voices to participate in the discussion host two larger evening feedback screenings in addition to an increased number at Kartemquin and off-site.

Currently, the program costs $5230 to run. For 2013 expansion, we seek to raise $10,000 to support the program, with an additional $12,000 for 2014.

Please contact Justine Nagan if you would like to discuss supporting this program.

Diverse Voices in Docs

Diverse Voices in Docs (DVID) is a professional development and mentorship program for emerging documentary filmmakers of color, organized by Kartemquin Films and the Community Film Workshop of Chicago. Backed by funding from Joyce Foundation and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the program hones skills and unites filmmakers who share experiences and expertise across six monthly workshops as they develop new projects.

The DVID program was designed using the knowledge and expertise of the Community Film Workshop, whose constituents reside mainly on the South and West sides of Chicago and who are often not provided opportunities that are specifically created with their needs in mind. This series will provide a unique chance for professional growth, artistic community building and networking for these individuals. In addition to the CFW, we will reach out to the many arts and film organizations working throughout the city to make sure that the program’s reach is wide. Our hope is that other organizations will realize the need and begin to fill the tremendous gap of services that exists in this area. Through these workshops, we will be working to address the need for support and training in the community of minority filmmakers and aspiring storytellers, and working towards closing the achievement gap. If we can help these individuals, through our collaboration with Community Film Workshop and our combined 85 years of filmmaking experience, better understand the process, we feel that we will have served not only these diverse voices, but the larger arts community in Chicago.

The first edition of DVID launched in January 2013, with six 3-hour monthly workshops, and an initial class of 18 early or mid-career filmmakers of color.

This limited pilot program has begun on a scaled back budget of $10K, but we are seeking $30K annually to run as envisioned. Contact Justine Nagan if you would like to discuss supporting this program.

The Kartemquin Internship

Kartemquin’s Internship Program is acclaimed by students, colleges and the film industry - both in the Midwest and nationally - for its high educational value. Interns are recognized as essential members of our team.

Their experience closely follows the progress of the films in progress-- making each internship term unique and exposing students to a broad range of valuable work that they wouldn’t otherwise experience including, but not limited to, proposal development, distribution, social media management, website maintenance, and marketing. In addition, Kartemquin interns receive intimate weekly workshops with members of the Kartemquin community on topics such as: camera, editing, lighting and sound, fundraising, budgeting, producing, communications and fair use for filmmakers.

These workshops are the backbone of the program and allow one-on-one access to working documentarians in an open format. Interns also sit on screenings and critiques in our KTQ Labs: Feedback Screenings initiative and are also offered the opportunity to showcase their own films. Interns are also often given opportunities to be involved in key creative work such as producing content for our YouTube channel and designing marketing materials.

Interns form close working relationships with staff and filmmakers, and we try to retain them as members of the community once they begin their post-Kartemquin career. Graduates of the program are the first to be notified about potential freelance work including the opportunity to take open positions such as Outreach Coordinator and Associate Producer on Kartemquin films. Kartemquin currently employs many former interns in key staff positions, including Production Director and Executive Director.

Intern Workshops:

  1. Producing
  2. Editing
  3. Camera
  4. Sound
  5. Lighting
  6. Marketing and Engagement
  7. Distribution
  8. Fundraising
  9. Fair Use / Ethics
  10. Budgeting
  11. Post-production

We are seeking $36K to continue funding this program over the next year- with $15K going directly as
stipends to interns.

Please contact Justine Nagan if you would like to discuss supporting this program.