Typeface now available on iTunes!

Typeface is now available for pre-order on iTunes, before official release on July 27th. The film will also soon be available on Amazon VOD and Netflix. Please help us by adding the film to your queue, and don't forget to rate and review the film! Please note that the Kartemquin Store is still the only place from which you can order the limited edition DVD featuring a poster designed by Bill Moran of Hamilton Wood Type Museum. Here's a recent review of the film in advance of it's first screening in Yorkshire, England on July 29th in The Drum: "Typeface, a production by Kartemquin Films, shows the reality of the digital age as it challenges master craftsmen in their environment. The film opens up a very real life portrayal of the effects, changes and fight for survival in an age of throw-away creativity. From the onset, it shows a passion for creative skills, showcasing a place where international artists and retired craftsmen remain true to their heritage, but for how long and what can be lost? The historical and contemporary approaches in rural and urban America, combined with passion and logic makes for a fascinating film." Continued

Typeface's Australian premiere is SOLD OUT!

The Australian premiere of Typeface on July 24th in Melbourne is sold out. However, a second screening has been added by the organizers at 9:30pm that same day. Both screenings are presented by Letterbox as part of Character 6 and the 2010 State of Design Festival. The first screening will feature a conversation on the worldwide movement in reviving craft in the field of design featuring Carolyn Fraser (Idlewild Press) and David Lancashire (Lancashire Design), but the second will be a showing of the film only. Get tickets now! The DVD of Typeface was also released on Amazon today. You can help support the film by recommending the film and writing reviews! Please note that the limited edition DVD featuring a special poster from Bill Moran of the Hamilton Wood Type Musuem is still currently only exclusively available from the Kartemquin store. Continued

Typeface and idsgn spread a little letterpress love!

In conjunction with the popular design blog idsgn, Typeface (@typefacefilm) launched a 24 hour twitter competition yesterday aimed at spreading the love for letterpress. idsgn sent out a call for fans to tweet them back with a message stating 'Why I love letterpress' with the hashtag #iloveletterpress. The prize for the best response: a limited edition Typeface DVD! The were some ingenious and heartfelt responses, and it was very difficult to pick a winner... but since we had to pick someone, we chose this pithy tweet for its humor and understanding of the craft: @Marc_FIMP: #iloveletterpress because it puts real meat on the letters' bones. Here's a selection of some of our other favorites:   @lost_found_blog #iloveletterpress b/c it makes us appreciate typography in its raw form- we often forget that as we type away on keyboards everyday. @armina_79: #iloveletterpress because it is the right way to learn typography @dcgglass: @idsgn #iloveletterpress bc it's so rich in history and uses all the senses: touch the type, smell the ink, hear the press,... @ sumitpaul  #iloveletterpress because of the textures and the rich colors. Also no two letterpress prints are ever the same, they're one of a kind! @the_junction: #iloveletterpress because it caries more meaning. You know whoever made it cared enough to kern every letter. @alxcooper: #Iloveletterpress because... it takes too long, is bloody frustrating but we wouldn't have it any other way! @SolvesDad: #Iloveletterpress because it puts energy on the page and makes love jump off into readers' eyes @johnfoley: #iloveletterpress because it’s fundamentally impossible for it to be unimpressive. @iglooletterpres #iloveletterpress because I get to use my grandad's press. The process reminds me of working with him. You can find more entries on this trendistic chart. Thanks to all who entered and especially to idsgn! Continued

Shop Typeface at Felt & Wire!

We have opened a new store just for Typeface merchandise at Felt & Wire, the popular online curated marketplace for designer papergoods. Items for sale now include the Typeface DVD, and specially created Typeface posters designed by Dennis Ichiyama, The Post Family, Stacey Stern and Tony Zanni. Your purchases directly support ongoing outreach efforts for the film. Thank you to all the artists who have donated their work. Check out a great Felt & Wire article on Typeface from July 2009, and buy someone a beautiful Typeface present today! Continued

New Typeface clip online

Can't wait for the release of the limited edition Typeface DVD on May 28th? Well, just to tease you further we've put the first ninety seconds of the award-winning film online at our YouTube channel! Thanks to Josh Ritter for the use of his incredibly catchy song "Mind's Eye" for this clip. His music is also throughout the film, if you're a fan. The Typeface DVD is available now for pre-order. The first 1,000 copies of the DVD feature limited edition posters by Hamilton Wood Type Museum Artistic Director Bill Moran. All copies also feature additional scenes, a slideshow of original art inspired by the film, and some 'easter eggs.' Get yours today! Continued

More good news for Typeface...

Spring has been good so far for Typeface. The films has had a run of fantastic screenings and events; director Justine Nagan has been traveling all over the country meeting some really amazing, passionate type and letterpress fans (many of whom submitted great Typeface art for the DVD extras); and pre-orders for the limited edition Typeface DVD are flying off the imaginary shelf.  Now, this week we received three great articles about Typeface, Kartemquin and Justine Nagan. Here are a few excerpts. Continued

Typeface DVD pre-orders take-off!

After an email announcement sent out earlier today, Typeface pre-orders, poster sales and screening requests have been taking off! If you haven't yet, you may want to pre-order your limited edition collector's DVD or snag one of the remaining posters in the store. They're going fast! Also, remember that the deadline to submit your artwork for the DVD is running out - you have only until midnight on May 3rd! Here's some of the recent twitter buzz: Continued

Typeface DVD pre-order is open - get your artwork on the DVD!

Kartemquin is now accepting pre-order purchases for the Typeface DVD. The DVD, out on May 28th 2010, features extra scenes and a slideshow of art created by Tyepface fans inspired by the film, and is exclusively available from the Typeface website. The first 1,000 copies of the DVD also contain a limited edition letterpressed woodtype poster designed by Hamilton Woodtype Museum Artistic Director Bill Moran. Get your order in today! Also, don't miss the chance to get your own artwork on the DVD by submitting to our call for works inspired by the film. Continued