Typeface broadcasts on WTTW Chicago tonight!

Typeface airs 10pm tonight on WTTW as part of the Chicago PBS station's ongoing celebration of 45 years of Kartemquin Films. The local emmy-nominated documentary about the convergence of modern design and traditional technique focuses on the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Check out a brief video introduction to the film's broadcast from Typeface director (and Kartemquin executive director) Justine Nagan and editor/Kartemquin post-production director Liz Kaar. Continued

Typeface on your TV

Typeface is currently being broadcast nationally across many different PBS outlets. Please check your local listings as so many new screenings are being added that we can barely keep up with adding them to our website (we just found out about 30 different markets carrying the film)! Here's a list of upcoming cities and PBS stations that are carrying the film between today and April 30th. Some of these stations have multiple broadcasts planned across multiple digital channels, so really check those listings and don't miss it! We'll try to add more broadcasts as we hear about them. Continued

Talkin' Typeface with the Moran Brothers

Check out this interview with Hamilton Wood Type Museum's Moran Brothers, who stopped by Kartemquin headquarters to chat with us about the huge impact that Typeface has had on the museum, the town of Two Rivers, Wisconsin, and also in uniting the letterpress community. As Jim Moran puts it, people who see the film are regularly emailing him saying "I just saw the film... what can I do help?" That's exactly the sort of engagement we love to hear about at Kartemquin. Watch the video here! Continued