Interrupters Outreach Going Strong in 2012

As with all Kartemquin Films projects, ensuring The Interrupters has a meaningful community impact was very important to producers Steve James and Alex Kotlowitz. “This film seems to have a lot of applications and we’re very seriously committed to doing as substantial an outreach as we can around this film," James said. "It’s hard to break through to those communities with films like this because of the nature of the way we think of documentaries as a part of the entertainment world. It’s something that those communities don’t go see. It’s not always true, but it is harder and so that’s one thing the outreach can do too, is help us get the film into those communities in ways they won’t get there theatrically." Continued

American Film Showcase selects The Interrupters

We are honored that The Interrupters will be part of the 2012 American Film Showcase, announced today by the the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts (SCA).   The films in the American Film Showcase represents work of "high artistic quality, illustrates diverse viewpoints, and reflects contemporary American society and culture." Selected film and filmmakers will now travel throughout the world screening the film and hosting workshops and presentations.   Kartemquin director Steve James' previous film, No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson, was also selected for the Showcase in 2011.   Continued

Ameena Matthews to appear on The Colbert Report

Has Stephen Colbert finally met his match? Ameena Matthews, one of the stars of The Interrupters, will be his guest on Wednesday, February 1st at 11:30pm (10:30pm CT) on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report.   Ameena, recently named "Chicagoan of the Year in Film" by The Chicago Tribune, will be discussing her work as an Ceasefire Illinois Violence Interrupter ahead of the film's US television premiere on PBS Frontline at 9pm on Tuesday, February 14th (check local listings) and same day DVD/Blu-Ray release.   Continued