Chicago Maternity Center Story to be restored!

The National Film Preservation Fund has awarded Kartemquin a preservation grant to restore The Chicago Maternity Center Story, a groundbreaking work from Kartemquin's 1970's collective period. We would like to thank the NFPF and our project partners Chicago Film Archives, who will house the film and provide access. Read more about the NFPF's recent grant awards. The Chicago Maternity Center Story is a classic that continues to be sought out by scholars in both woman’s healthcare and film studies. Continued

Kartemquin and the New Deal

Kartemquin's The Chicago Maternity Center Story was referenced in an article today in the Chicago Reader by J.R. Jones covering a series of film screenings called, "For a Better America: The New Deal on Film." The collection of work illustrates how cinematic experimentation wove its way through the New Deal sponsored government films. Jones describes one of the films included in the event, The Fight for Life, and how clips from it are featured in Kartemquin's Maternity Center doc. Continued

Kartemquin and Chicago History

Mark your calendars for some exciting screenings this fall at the Chicago History Museum as a part of their new "Project Sunday" documentary film series. Kicking off this Chicago-themed series, is "And This is Free," on September 16th. The film is an important chronicle of Maxwell Street and the music that thrived there, by Mike Shea. Kartemquin's Gordon Quinn worked on the film. Then, on December 9th, please join us for a screening of the Kartemquin classic, The Chicago Maternity Center Story. All screenings are on Sunday afternoons and begin at 1:30pm. Continued

Second KTQ Retrospective Event Tomorrow Night!

The second night of the Kartemquin Retrospective at the University of Chicago is tomorrow night, Thursday, November 3rd at 7pm at the U of C Film Studies Center at 5811 S. Ellis. The evening entitled "Health in Crisis" will include screenings of Home for Life, The Chicago Maternity Center Story, [[HSA Strike 75|film:hsa-strike-75]] and Refrigerator Mothers as well as a discussion with the filmmakers following the film excerpts. Other events for the Retrospective will take place throughout November. For more information visit here. Continued