Kartemquin Films 10-Week Retrospective at Doc Films: come and enjoy our classics on the big screen!

The University of Chicago's Doc Films welcomes back Kartemquin Films with a 10-week retrospective featuring 19 of our most memorable documentaries! In celebration of our 45th anniversary, Doc Films is bringing the art of documentary storytelling back to the place where our history began, showing at 7pm every Sunday night Oct 2-Dec 4.   This retrospective is a crowning moment of the long-standing relationship between UChicago and Kartemquin, which was founded by 3 UChicago graduates, and is currently led by Justine Nagan (U Chicago MAPH 2004). The story of Kartemquin, while little known on campus, is possibly one of the biggest successes of UChicago's “Life of the Mind.”   Continued

Chicago Maternity Center's New York Story

As part of Kartemquin's 45th anniversary celebrations, Stranger Than Fiction at IFC Center hosted a great screening and discussion of The Chicago Maternity Center Story last night in New York City. Filmmakers Gordon Quinn and Suzanne Davenport attended, and were joined on a panel by Thom Powers of Stranger Than Fiction and medical journalist and original 1970's WATCH homebirth activist Laura Newman. More photos, courtesy of Simon Luethi. In advance of the screening, Cynthia Fuchs of Pop Matters gave the newly restored DVD of the film 9/10, stating: Continued


New Yorkers have the opportunity to watch three Kartemquins docs in the coming weeks on the big screen as part of our 45th Anniversary celebrations. Prisoner of Her Past has its New York premiere in a free screening at the Museum of Jewish Heritage tomorrow night. Director Gordon Quinn and Producer/Subject Howard Reich will attend and there will be a post-screening discussion with Yuval Neria, PhD, Director of the Trauma and PTSD Program at Columbia University. Get more information and RSVP. Continued

Chicago Maternity Center in New York

We are delighted to announce a special Kartemquin 45th anniversary screening of the newly restored The Chicago Maternity Center Story in New York City. The screening is presented by Stranger Than Fiction at the IFC Center and will take place on April 19 at 8pm. Gordon Quinn and Suzanne Davenport, two of the film's five co-directors, will attend and take part in a discussion following the screening.Get tickets and more information. See the Facebook event and watch the trailer. Continued

Your responses to Maternity Center

35 years after its original release, The Chicago Maternity Center Story has once again made a stirring impact on viewers. Screening from a pristine new print at the Siskel Film Center in Chicago, and followed by a panel discussion including the original filmmakers, current members of the home birth movement, and Sharene Miller - who is seen giving birth on her dining room table in the film - the provocative and informative film received some strong responses in a survey we handed out to the audience. Here's some of our favorite comments: Continued

Maternity Center makes waves once more

Some great reviews have come in for the newly restored The Chicago Maternity Center Story in advance of tomorrow's 45th anniversary screening (with Kartemquin's Women's Voices: The Gender Gap). Check out the recommendations below, and read a blog on the Siskel Center website from Gordon Quinn, Suzanne Davenport and Jenny Rohrer, members of the original Kartemquin filmmaking collective that was born with the film. "A time capsule of wo­men’s health activism... the film rips the medical industry as sexist and capitalist."- Bill Stamets, Chicago Sun-Times Continued

Sharene Miller to attend Maternity Center Story screening!

Kartemquin is delighted to announce that Sharene Miller, subject of The Chicago Materity Center Story, will be attending our screening of the film on Saturday in Chicago at 1:30pm! We are excited for the audience to witness the reunion of the Chicago Maternity Center Story filmmakers with Sharene, seen giving birth to her son in this classic 1976 feminist documentary about women struggling to control their rights amid of the corporate takeover of healthcare. A number of members of the home birth movement will also be present for a post-screening discussion and reception for ticket holders. Do not miss the event: get tickets now. Continued