A sneak peek at Saving Mes Aynak ahead of IDFA world premiere

Kartemquin's 6th world premiere of 2014 will be this Sunday, as Saving Mes Aynak screens at IDFA. Tickets are now on sale for the film's five screenings at the world's largest documentary festival, with director Brent Huffman, producer Zak Piper, and executive producers Gordon Quinn and Julia Reichert attending. Ahead of the world premiere, we gave PBS NewsHour a sneak peek of footage from the finished film and a new interview with Brent Huffman about the Mes Aynak site. Continued

Saving Mes Aynak comes to Kartemquin

Undiscovered for 2,000 years, it survived revolution, invasion and war. Now destruction looms again: this is the story of Saving Mes Aynak. Director/producer Brent Huffman, a documentary maker and film professor at Northwestern University, has been independently shooting at the Mes Aynak site in Afghanistan since 2011, and has now brought the documentary to Kartemquin Films. “As the premiere destination for complex social issue films that intend on making a global impact, Kartemquin is the dream home for Saving Mes Aynak,” said Huffman, who hopes to finish editing and premiere the film by the end of 2014. Continued