Rick Guidotti gives On Beauty positive exposure

Kartemquin filmmaker Joanna Rudnick is currently developing and fundraising for On Beauty, a documentary that in part focuses on former fashion photographer Rick Guidotti. Rick is the founder of Positive Exposure, a nonprofit that uses photography to challenge perceptions of beauty and genetic difference, and to fight discrimination and bullying. In a recent blog on the website Media Voices for Children, Rick explained more about what led him to found Positive Exposure, and how On Beauty will be featured within the film. Continued

Joanna Rudnick on a "the beginning of a new era" for high-risk women

In the Family director Joanna Rudnick is quoted in an Associated Press article today about a new study from the American Medical Association that indicates women at a high-risk of breast and ovarian cancer can benefit from ovary removal surgery. In the article, Joanna call the findings the "the beginning of a new era" for high-risk women, and reveals her own future plans to have ovary removal surgery at the age of 40 after having children. Read the full article.Click here to support Joanna's newest film, On Beauty. Continued

Sage Foundation awards On Beauty $45,000 production grant

Kartemquin is thrilled to announce that On Beauty -- the story of how a former fashion photographer is redefining the way we see and experience beauty -- received a grant for $45,000 from Sage Foundation to support production on the film. Thanks to this generous donation, producer/director Joanna Rudnick and a Kartemquin film crew will travel to East Africa with photographer Rick Guidotti and his organization Positive Exposure (www.positiveexposure.org) to document the courageous children living with Albinism in that region in 2010. To support On Beauty, click here. Continued