12 Kartemquin Associates make Newcity Film 50 List: Chicago's Screen Gems

Newcity Film has named twelve Kartemquin associates to its Film 50 2016 List: Chicago's Screen Gems. This year, NewCity has devoted its list to honoring artists rather than producers, programmers and all-round facilitators: "It's essential to highlight bold figures who make work year after year, work that surprises or sustains, as well as supernovas who startle suddenly with vision or verbosity or vivid visuals or vital activism, and of course, those fresh-faced but hardly callow, protean people who you can't not watch as they invest themselves in capturing their moment and our moments in this toddlin' town today." –Ray Pride, Newcity Honorees include: Steve James, Director/Producer/Editor/Cinematographer Continued

#KTQ50: Watch Milking the Rhino for free all week

From today until Friday, August 5th, the free KTQ50 film is Milking the Rhino (2008). "A common theme in Kartemquin docs is that making a living is a political matter. Simpson skillfully adapts that perspective to rural Africa, where investing in wildlife links the Masai and others to the new globalism." — Bill Stamets, Chicago Sun-Times A ferocious kill on the Serengeti… dire warnings about endangered species… These clichés of nature documentaries ignore a key feature of the landscape: villagers just off-camera, who navigate the dangers and costs of living with wildlife. Continued

Kartemquin opens up archives for historic exhibition

Ahead of our 50th anniversary celebration on June 24th at the Harris Theater Rooftop, we open our archives to the Chicago public with the exhibition “Kartemquin Films 1966-2016: Democracy through Documentary” opening on May 21st and running through August 20th at Expo 72 (72 E. Randolph St, Chicago, IL, 60601). RSVP here to join us for the opening night reception and preview from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m on Friday, May 20. Continued

PBS to re-broadcast Milking the Rhino

On September 9th, hundreds of PBS stations across the United States will air Milking the Rhino, the award-winning 2008 Kartemquin film by David E. Simpson and Jeannie Magill. The film will then stream for free for 30 days on the PBS website. Check here to see if your PBS station is showing the film. The re-broadcast of the documentary about community-based conservation in Kenya and Namibia will take place through PBS' "Global Voices 500" season, with many affiliates carrying the film on the WORLD channel. In 2009, the film originally aired on PBS Independent Lens to great acclaim, and has played in 25 countries on six continents, winning major awards worldwide. Continued

David Simpson takes Rhino to West Virginia

Taking his film Milking the Rhino to West Virginia for his first ever visit to the area, filmmaker David E. Simpson jokingly claims he expected "a state full of backwoods hollers, coal mines and toothless denizens." But, just as his own busts open preconceptions of what a nature documentary should focus on and on how Africans manage their environment and conservation issues, David found his own stereotyping fall away as he completed the final leg of his On Screen / In Person tour of the Mid-Atlantic.   Read his final blog on finding the "soulful" parts of Charleston, and an unexpectedly packed screening.   Continued

David E. Simpson's blog from US Virgin Islands

If you want to make yourself jealous, read filmmaker David E. Simpson's new blog from the US Virgin Islands, where he recently screened his 2008 Kartermquin documentary Milking the Rhino.   On the island of St. John as part of the On Screen/In person tour of the Mid-Atlantic region, David posts a number of beautiful photos of his time there. But he also describes how the island's social and economic conditions share similarities with the focus of Milking The Rhino: Continued

Four Years Later, Milking the Rhino Continues to Inspire Environmental Action

David E. Simpson's nuanced tale of human-wildlife coexistence in post-colonial Africa, Milking the Rhino, enjoyed critical success after its initial release in 2008. The film took home awards at film festivals in Yosemite, Phoenix, Kansas City and elsewhere. But true to the Kartemquin's mission to promote positive change and community engagement, the real measure of Milking the Rhino's success is in its impact on everyday people. Continued