In The Game is a new Kartemquin documentary film directed by Peabody award-winner Maria Finitzo (Mapping Stem Cell Research: Terra Incognita, 5 Girls). A film about life and what it means to stay in the game - to never give up even when that feels like the only option - In The Game is the story of strong young women and a dedicated coach who uses the game of soccer to teach his players how to face all that life will throw their way. Through the stories of Hispanic girls at Kelly High School on Chicago’s south side, In The Game illustrates the enormous challenges facing inner-city girls in their quest for higher education and, most importantly, success in life. An uneven playing field or in the case of the girls at Kelly High School - no soccer field at all, little or no support, problems at home, uncertain futures, discrimination, poverty - these are some of the challenges faced by the girls we follow.