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"In December, I conducted an in service for our school counselors and at that time showed the video, Higher Goals. I have never seen such enthusiasm. They did not want to leave for lunch until they had seen it in its entirety. All of them wanted their own tape. They talked of how they could use Higher Goals with teachers and parents and stated that the message was clear that the length of time was appropriate to hold students' attention and that it was great to see superstars relating to "real" situations and not emphasizing sports."

— Brenda Flint Nixon, Curriculum Supervisor, Dayton Public Schools

"I just watched the video Higher Goals with a physical education class. I cannot thank you enough for sending us this. Every student in the school will see it. You could have heard a pin drop. Not only is the film inspirational and motivating, the fact that most of the professionals shown were African Americans was marvelous! Keep up the good work."

— Lessa Finegold, Librarian, Pittsburgh Public Schools

"Higher Goals will be supported by a nation-wide in-school curriculum to be mailed to students in more than 4,000 inner-city schools. The curriculum guide will help teachers lead discussions and other activities to help young people understand the distinction between the 'dream' of playing in professional sports (or becoming a star entertainer), and the 'goal' of going to college to prepare for a career that offers opportunities to more than just a lucky few. Higher Goals will help get students involved in thinking about their own dreams and how they can best set realistic goals to prepare for their futures."

— Milwaukee Community Journal

"One of two children's specials made in Chicago and nominated for an Emmy this year, Higher Goals is a polished and thoroughly delightful 27-minute documentary with narrative segments. Its aim is to convince young NBA hopefuls of the need for a good education... It's a very upbeat film, far from the kind of finger-wagging sermon it might have been, given the grim outlook on today's inner-city playgrounds."

— Chicago Filmletter

"Higher Goals show the way things ought to be. It reaffirms the value of sports."

— Barry Temkin, Chicago Tribune